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Dock/Piers/Wharves/Ramps: At Riverside & Pickering Marine Contractors, builds an entire line of marine access structures, including fixed or floating docks and piers with or without gangways. From large marinas to residential dock projects, Riverside & Pickering Marine Contractors covers the spectrum.

Floating Docks: Our floating docks and systems are available in any shape, size or design. They work in deep water, shallow water or even no-water.

Pile Driving: The origin of any pier or wharf begins with secure pile driving. Pilings can either be driven mechanically into the oceans floor or pinned securely to a ledge with several different options. Once the pilings are secured in place, we can begin the next step in building your pier or wharf. Ask Riverside & Pickering Marine Contractors about the different types of pilings that are available for your project today.

Repairs and Rebuilds: From repairing or replacing your floats, to fixing a rotted piling, to replacing the cross bracing, to completely rebuilding your dock, no job is too large or too small for Riverside & Pickering Marine Contractors.

Landscape Construction and Design:
From a simple walkway to an elaborate garden and patio, we will work with you from the initial rough sketches to the completed work, limited only by your imagination. Our designer has over 15 years of training and experience with degrees in horticulture and business management. Plan your perfect waterfront project with confidence.