Tug, Barge and Crane Rental

Riverside and Pickering Marine Contractors is conveniently located on the waterfront in Portsmouth NH and the Piscataqua River in Eliot Maine, for all your barge, crane and marine towing needs.

We maintain OSHA certified cranes. Our tug boat, barges, cranes and earth equipment is available at hourly or daily rates. Our waterfront facility is available for delivery, loading and off loading. Click here for list of equipment available for rental.

We offer:

  • Barge Rentals and Leasing
  • Long term and short term rentals
  • Tug Rentals/Charter with fully licensed crews
  • Push boat rentals with or without crew
  • Crane Rentals, up to 45 ton. All cranes carry current certificates of inspection
  • Work Skiff rentals
  • Deep waterfront access to accommodate launchings, loading or off loading of barges, marine equipment and supplies.
  • Marine Towing

Contact us today to discuss our reasonable rates and details..

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