Residential Shorefront Stabilization

Riverside & Pickering Marine Contractors understand the value of waterfront property and the necessity of preserving it. Since 1990, we have helped hundreds of residents and businesses on the seacoast of Maine and New Hampshire preserve and stabilize their buildings and shorefront.

Experienced Shorefront Stabilization

Acceptable methods of shorefront stabilization have become increasingly difficult to permit, and the expense can be overwhelming. We have the experience to get it right.

Look at our project gallery for examples of shorefront stabilization projects, then contact us for experienced help navigating the permit acquisition process.

Shoreline Stabilization & Management

Where shoreline erosion is a problem, shorelines should be stabilized. There are a couple of methods available today. Vegetative methods are becoming more popular every day, although structural methods such as rip-rap, timber bulkheads, steel, or vinyl sheet walls are most common. Identification of the cause of the erosion problem is essential for selecting the appropriate technique to remedy the problem. In considering the severity of wave and wind erosion, offshore bathymetry, and the potential adverse impact on other shorelines and offshore areas, we will assess your site and recommend the most effective solution for your project.

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall prevents the erosion of your shoreline while creating a decorative wall or garden. Made from stone, brick, concrete, vinyl or steel, Riverside & Pickering Marine Contractors will properly design and install your new retaining wall to last for years to come.

Building Stabilization

If you have the good fortune of owning a building over the water it may be old and fragile. We have successfully completed building stabilization projects and understand the issues that must be considered in undertaking a project.

Look at our project gallery for examples of building stabilization projects, then contact us for a free estimate.