Our Company

Since 1990, Riverside & Pickering Marine Contractors has been dedicated to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction, quality construction, and safe project execution in the fields of marine construction, dredging, shoreline work and marine transportation. We are craftsman who take pride in the quality of our workmanship along the coastal waterways of New England and the East Coast.

We operate three main divisions that include Dredging, Construction and Tug & Logistics. With the experience and depth within the company, we can execute on complex projects requiring engineering and specialized services.  Our employees are cross trained to perform in all aspects of our operations, not just one division.  This allows us to pull resources from other divisions in the event additional help is needed or emergency situations arise.  We have also developed relationships with partner companies allowing us to utilize their resources when required.

We specialize in the dredging of impacted and clean sediments; transporting construction materials; placing backfill; driving piles; and installing piers, docks, floats, wharves, and seawalls. We also offer Tug & Barge Services including marine towing, push boat, and barge rentals. Through strategic, company-wide initiatives, Riverside & Pickering Marine Contractors has become known as the comprehensive contractor to meet all of your marine needs.